Light touch. Deep meaning.

“WHO is that officiant woman?! She was amazing – like part comedian, part yoga instructor and part spiritual guru or something!” ceremony guest (hilarious, I can’t make stuff like this up.)

Confession time. For years, I was not a fan of ceremonies. I was the one who…..



Getting married is one of the most personal moments of your life. Step into it. Own it. Experience it. Remember it. Feel the love and heart-bursting joy, whether it’s for each other, or from the people who love you most. Start the celebration in the ceremony, not afterward.

What people Say


Say farewell fittingly

You can’t outrun it. So grieve actively. Walk into the memories. Share them. Remember them. Take the actions that make a difference. Whether you need to do something for yourself or for your community, when done well, the creation can be just as healing as the final event.


Other Ceremonies

When it’s bigger than a party

Historically, a lifetime celebrated many rites of passage. Mostly long-gone in this modern age. But if traditional baptisms, being roasted, playing toilet paper games or dancing in the forest under a full moon aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps come back (or forward) to the world of meaningful rites of passage. You can still drink prosecco and eat cupcakes. Because what’s a celebration without them?

Relaxed. Real. Remarkable. Remembered.

Photo Credits: 1) Chelsea Dawn, 2) The Nickersons, 3) Darshan Alexander Photography, 4) Elyse Anna Photography 5) Agnes Mitchell and 6) The Nickersons